Listen to Episode 3 | “Dirt Twerk, Top 5, and Ghetto Therapy” by The S.A.L.T. Society #np on #SoundCloud

This podcast is so fun and really we cover Some great topics. Hope you enjoy. Also, we keep getting more equipment and better quality each week.

DJ Kinect kicks off story time by sharing his experience of going hunting for the first and explains the meaning behind a new phrase he learned called, “Dirt Twerk” (3:57). After that J-Nice shares a traumatic story from his childhood that is the reason why till this day he does NOT eat fan food (12:00). Finally, after mentioning it for two weeks, an interesting discussion kicks off about our individual Top 5 Rappers lists (17:06). [Sidenote: Praise God J-Nice finally acknowledges Tupac’s greatness!] In the midst of discussing our Top 5’s in Hip-Hop history, we veered off into an introspective look at Christians & Art and our need to be more aware of culture (42:42). From there we talk about the relationship between fatherlessness and Hip-Hop (1:10:21). And much more…

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