An “anomaly” is something that strays from what is normal or expected, according to any dictionary. Undoubtedly, in a world of rappers spitting the same sixteen bars about sex, money and drugs, Lecrae Moore is an anomaly. From his collaborations with secular artists, to his national, headlining tours and sold-out shows, he is seemingly no different than any other hip-hop artist. Over his 10-year career span, Lecrae has amassed the titles of Grammy award winner, actor, and record producer. To date, his seven critically acclaimed studio albums have topped the Billboard charts, and he has enjoyed moderate success with two mix tapes.  

The exception? Beneath the hoodies, snapbacks and dope beats, is a man who accepted the Lord as his Savior many years ago, and has since preached the gospel through his rhymes and testimony. But don’t get it twisted – the Houston native does not want to be referred to as a “Christian rapper.” Instead, he is a hip-hop artist with the message of hope, and a lifestyle to match. His unorthodox sound comes from an upbringing of sneaking and listening to Nas, Tupac and The Cross Movement – a pastime his grandmother never allowed him to do.

Like any of today’s influential and effective artists, success did not come easy. It was especially difficult for Lecrae, who was abandoned by his father at an early age. Because of this, Lecrae wrestled with self-worth, fell victim to sexual abuse, and lacked a sense of belonging. Eventually, he found himself in the streets, fascinated with guns, idolizing his drug-dealing uncles, and adopting a life of crime, promiscuity and violence.

God’s grace protected Lecrae even then, after a run-in with the police, who had handcuffed him and placed him in the back of a squad car. But Lecrae’s self-proclaimed “good luck charm” was found. It was a Bible his grandmother had given him, and the arresting officer made Lecrae promise to read it and live by it, ultimately letting him go uncharged.

That seemed to be a pivotal moment in his young life, and he knew change was needed. He needed a father…a Savior. Lecrae accepted the invitation to a friend’s church service where he first learned of Jesus’s sacrifices on the cross – just for him. It blew him away.

But it was not until the night of a car accident where Lecrae’s car flipped over, and was totaled with unimaginable damages and dents, that he would….

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