Kwa & Chozen “World Changer” (feat. Myss Outlet) – Single

There are scriptures in the bible that says, a king must take into account all of his resources before he heads into battle. Meaning, you must take into consideration, what it will actually take; to change the world you live in. Well the next group of guys I’m about to present to you, are counting that cost. They are Kwakou Mandisa a.k.a KWA, and Richard “Chozen” Washington, and these boys have put out a new single called, “World Changer” featuring Myss Outlet; and it’s a banger.
This song’s clap back to satan starts out hard. With ideals being preached like, considering the cost to save the world they live in, and changing their mindset to do so. These boys sound ready, saying that they have slain the old man; and dare anyone to give him CPR. While all along giving God the glory, for saving them from the strange but familiar place they were in. Hearing this track is giving me LIFE right now! Y’all have got to check them out.
Like stated earlier, before you go forth with a plan; you must first take into account, how much the plan will cost you. What you will lose, in order to obtain your goal. And if it’s all worth it. I’m glad both KWA and Chozen have counted and chosen to follow through with the path, that they have chosen. So y’all go and check out KWA and Chozen’s, “World Changer” featuring Myss Outlet. It will change your life.

Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.


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