KiddGotIt “Can’t Count” (single)

When traveling through life, we slowly forget sometimes. To take in the beauty of what God is doing. Whether it be the scenery around us or the very thought of what it took to create all that we behold. Sometimes you have to sit back and count your blessings. And that’s what the next artist, I’m presenting, is coming with. His name is Kiddgotit and he has dropped his new single called “Can’t Count”. And let tell you, I can’t wait to see if I can count this as a hit, so let’s dive in.
I have to admit this is my first time hearing, KiddGotit. And I am certainly impressed with the message he brings, along with his style. The message is a simple one, remembering that God Is the one who brings you to all things and is all you need. Sometimes, we get caught up with chasing dollars, and fame. But, we are to never forget, the One who brought us to that place of Blessings. Love this song from you Big Fella. Can’t wait to see what else you put out next. Like I said earlier, I believe that instead of concentrating on reaching our next destination. We should slow down and take a look at what God Has done. Sometimes, the beauty of the scenery is what is needed. To keep your eyes opened, to… The source of all creation. Jesus, our master creator and His Father, The Source of All Creations.

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