“The win is completing a project that you’re proud of. All the other accolades are bonuses.”

KB is the kind of artist people can relate to because he puts himself in their shoes. His passion and insight are why he’s amassed fans worldwide. When preparing for an album, “I really try to expose myself to the pains of the people I’m trying to reach; also, broadening my artistic palette.” He had a very defined approached to his new album. “I wanted an ethnic sound; like an ethnic soundtrack, world music. So, I went to Africa and did a lot of creating out there. And I think it gave birth to the sound I call ‘world trap.’”

Through his “world trap” sound, KB actually hopes to free his global supporters. “I would like listeners to have a sense of hope and encouragement after listening to my new album.” His passion for music and the lives he’s able to touch through it is evident. “Music is important to me because it’s a calling to me. [It is] another avenue by which people are encouraged, enlightened and strengthened. I want my music to do what it’s supposed to do- serve people, give people vision, clarity, and life.” That calling to create music that positively impacts lives is what keeps KB on the road. “Album season tends to be the toughest season for me and my family since I am so busy, but I think the Lord has given us much grace. I’m grateful for a supportive wife who is a huge fan of my music, and encourages me and allows me to work hard.”

Indeed KB works hard. Not just for himself and his family, but for an entire genre: CHH. And as for the current state of that genre, he had this to say, “I think CHH is becoming more and more commercial, which is good for people’s careers; to be able to provide for your family and create jobs for others. I hope for in the future though, a resurgence of the explicit Christian art that started the genre.” One day soon, we’ll all be able to get our hands on KB’s book (which is currently on hold). But in the meantime, stay up with him at: www.whoiskb.com

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