Karlton Jones ” I Believe”

I use to believe a gust of wind blowing past my ear was God’s way of whispering to me. That He was there. Watching me and listening to everything I had to say. Well today, I’m bringing someone to you that I know who’s music will blow to you, letting you know that he’s praying for you in your situation, and he’s there, every step of the way. His name is Karlton Jones, from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. And he has just released his new EP, “ I Believe”. Let’s embrace what he’s trying to blow.

The EP opens up with a nice jazz feel, called “I Believe.” This particular song is about Karlton’s faith in which he opens up to us about his thoughts and life. Like Paul, the apostle would begin his sermon with an opening statement trying to convince us, the listener, that Jesus is really worth a try. The song is amazingly produced, delivered, and the EDM sounds on the track are just crazy. A fave of mine on this EP.
“Inside of Me” featuring Cherch, is the next fave of mine on the EP. Mr. Jones spits about his reason for marching on in Christ saying he is the life-giver to the fruit he bares in Christ. It’s a beautiful song, that makes the atmosphere of your mood just change, and empowers you.
“All This” featuring Rachel Jones, ends the Ep on a romantic note. Karlton confesses the way his heart beats for his wife, who actually is the one singing the hook. He talks about the good moments they’ve shared, and what causes him to truly draw closer to her, even when they butt heads. It’s a beautiful example for all of us who are trying to push onward in life with that special someone.
After hearing the message of Karlton Jones, whispering to my heart; I truly feel, like God has blown him into my life at the right time. His ministry has become a blessing to me, and I know it will to you as well. Y’all go check out his EP, “ I Believe.”
Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.

Congrats Karlton for your Grammy Nomination, from your Rep Da King Mag family. We love you man, keep pushing.
Karlton Jones “I Believe” EP
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