K-Drama new album ‘The 8th’

Cincinnati, OH rap artist, K-Drama, will release his eighth studio album, The 8th , independently on February 19th. Produced by K-Drama and Anthony “T-Rock” Clary, the album is the follow-up to 2013’s Winds & .Waves.

The 8th receives its title not only as the cumulative number of solo albums K-Drama has released, but in conglomerate with both present day realisms and biblical symbolism. This project pinpoints the number eight which, according to biblical numerics means, “new beginning.” It also draws comparison to the story of David, eighth son of Jesse. He was both overlooked and scourged for his first role as shepherd, but later became king; the, “K,” in, “K-Drama,” means king.

“I feel like I’m starting all over again,” K-Drama reveals. “This project, in many ways, is a Psalm of my release from them who may have forgotten about me, those whom I’ve been hurt by, and my own thoughts of who I am versus how God sees me.”

The 8th’s first single, “Arthur Agee,” exemplifies the theme. It was inspired by the documentary, “Hoop Dreams.” “I identify with the story of Arthur Agee. He was the underdog that few thought capable of success, yet he unexpectedly led his high school basketball team to the state championship. I’ve been faced with similar situations throughout my life and desired to encourage the listener to pursue their dreams in spite of naysayers.”

The new album is saturated with booming 808 kicks, is sonically triumphant, and lyrically rises as his most honest body of work, to date. “The 8th is a story of finding worth and approval in the King of kings, not in earthly status or approval. I break a lot of unwritten hip-hop rules on this album. I boldly wear my heart on my sleeve in hopes it’ll challenge all to stand tall in facing their

K-Drama’s , The 8th, will be available for pre-order on iTunes & www.k-dramamusic.com February 1st. He is gearing up for an upcoming promotional tour with a full itinerary to be announced and is scheduled to perform at SXSW in Austin, TX this March.

Shepherd (feat. Charde Jones)
But That’s Okay
Counting Sheep
The Heart (feat. D-MAUB)
Show Me The Reason
Go Beyond My Limit
Arthur Age
Make It, Take It
Because He Loves Me
Stained Glass Window

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