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No longer hiding behind a disguise, Joey Jewish is finally free to be who he was created to be. A gifted songwriter with an atmospheric sound, Joey has found great success over the years. His latest album, “Beautiful Solitude” is a testament to that freedom & artistic creativity. In this interview, we get to dig a bit deeper in to the beauty of Joey’s solitude.

Q: You originally went by the stage name Dorian Grey, what was the reason behind the name change?

A: I felt the name Dorian Grey served as a disguise to hide who I was as a person and an artist. As I matured, my desire increased for people to know the real me. Joey is my real first name, and I’m a Spanish Jew. This is truly who I am, and I’m comfortable in my own skin.

Q: “Beautiful Solitude”, your latest album is a departure sonically from what everyone is used to hearing from you. How did you develop this new sound for the album?

A: I’ve always sprinkled “my sound” into previous work, but never felt the need or desire to challenge myself to go beyond the surface vibes. This time around, I was emotionally engaged through various situations in life I was going through and coming out of, so Beautiful Solitude in essence is my real unfiltered life.

Q: Do you do music full time?

A: Yes. I am a full time artist, and a contract music engineer for select clients. I was fortunate enough to engineer my own project Beautiful Solitude.

Q: Who is Joey Jewish as an artist?

A: I’m just a regular guy with problems who makes mistakes, but lives by grace and strives to improve daily. As an artist I want people to know they can relate to someone imperfect, yet be motivated to become better. I’m a melodic junkie who loves to make art that ears can appreciate.

Q: The word solitude isn’t usually associated with being beautiful, but according to the title of your album it can be. Can you explain how someone can find the beauty in solitude?

A: Solitude is something I have been familiar with. I lost a lot last year. Family, friends, and myself. It’s at times like these that all of your ugliest emotions come out. Fear, hatred, sorrow, anxiety, and depression. When no one else is around to blame, you have to face yourself. After months of struggling with God seeking answers and understanding, his grace became sufficient for me. I was able to face reality and find who I am in Christ which is continuing to shape the person I am becoming. When I experienced the love and acceptance of God, I was able to love and accept myself, which has taught me to love and accept others without prejudice. This is freedom for the soul. That is Beautiful Solitude.

Q: How important is social media for artists in this day & age?

A: Extremely important. All the target demographics are online, all day long. Investing in apps and other marketing tools is crucial to being ahead the curve. You have to learn to stay current with the resources around you. Learn or die.

Q: You had an incredible last year with the success of “American Dream” and becoming one of Rapzilla’s 15 freshmen of ’15. What does 2016 have in store for Joey Jewish?

A: Are you kidding? To get the smoke grey Lotus of course! Only playing people. Put your stones away. Right now I have a lot of reps in my ear, but I am simply trying to make great music, build relationships with amazing humans, knock out each of my written goals, and be as effective as possible in helping people. I am a firm believer in strategic planning and so far each month has been better than the last, not to mention we hit #50 on iTunes the first week Beautiful Solitude was released. My management & booking team are being overrun so good things are definitely happening right now, and more surprises are on the way so stay tuned.


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