Jazmine Nikao ” Tomorrow” (Single)

Jazmine Nikao hits home with her latest single “Tomorrow” Please use #Mentalillness when your reposting 

Tomorrow is a record directly influenced by someone she loves, battle with mental illness. After a phone call on a rainy Saturday afternoon that left her heart burdened, she immediately reached out to a producer to come into the studio that day to create from this raw emotion she was feeling. Her heart was screaming for this person to continue the fight, to realize that he is worth tomorrow. As the beat was being created, Jazmine Nikao heard the chorus clear as day. Even though this song was inspired by a family member’s struggle, her heart extends beyond just this family member. This song is a plea for everyone battling any time of mental illness to be encouraged to not give up; to receive the help that is available to them and to not see themselves as an anomaly. Even though Jazmine Nikao creates for others, this song is also a message for herself due to her own struggle with anxiety. According to Jazmine Nikao, “when people hear this song I not only want to relate to their experiences but push them to do something about their experience and to realize that their experience is not quick sand even though it may feel like it”.

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