Jay-May “Life, Love & Relationships”

Sometimes hearing the sounds of the voices of old, reminds us where our future is going. We have to remember the darkness of the past and deal with those issues. In order to see the destined path of light and righteousness that God Has set before us or reward us with, at the end of our path; in this life. Sometimes listening to an old head, gives you the wisdom that you need, to make it over that hurdle in life. With that being said, I most gladly bring to you such an experienced soldier, coming straight out Detroit, Michigan. His name is Jay-May, and he is bringing us much wisdom in his new album called, “Life, Love, & Relationship”. So let’s walk with this brother and see where life has taken him.
“Trust” featuring Chad Rowe, is a true testimony to everyone who is walking with Christ in Faith. The song basically talks about, going through the hardships of life. Like not having money when the bills are piling up. And you’re still needing to have faith, that God will provide; even though it doesn’t seem like He’s ever going to show up. Powerful song loved the way it was narrated.
“She Pregnant” is a call to all men out there, for responsibility and love. Jay raps about, this beautiful woman that he’s hollered at and now has a chance to make a family with. He talks about his stress at first, then rolls into the joy of his life. His kids. It’s a beautifully crafted song, that should challenge other brothers out there, to make the right decision. Because you’ll never know, what joys may come if you do.
“Forever Relationships” is basically the last song on the album. In this song, Jay talks about his life of being a soldier. He speaks on the ups and downs of the whole process and even touches on his life after he got out. He talks about how hard it was to adjust to life, after his service. It’s crazy how, after all the training they give you in the arm forces, that none of it can really help you forget the memories that haunt or keep you up at night. To all my vets out there. We’re definitely praying for y’all and hoping we can aid in your recovery.
Life has its ways of teaching us many things at times. And let’s be honest, some of those times, lead to very dark places. I’m just glad that God Blesses us with people like Jay-May, who are leading us out of those dark valleys, and helping us find our way; back home. So please, let’s support our brother in Christ and check out his new album, “Life, Love & Relationships”. It’ll truly lead you out of darkness while dealing with your demons.
Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.

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Jay-May “Life, Love & Relationships”

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