James Gardin “Joy”

Do you remember when your grandma use to feed the whole neighborhood and help out your less fortunate relatives? And no matter how broke she may be, she always had a smile on her face. The reason for that smile is, she’s found unshakeable joy, in the Lord. Which bring me to the next artist, I would like to present to you today. His name is James Gardin, and he has put out a new single called, “Joy”. I believe he wants to share with you, the same joy, your grandmother felt; way back when. So let’s hear the brother out.

The song starts with this old school blues/jazz feel, that picks up into a funkadelic upbeat chorus. James reminds me of back in the day when Common would wake up your soul, with his soulful wordplay. I love the way Mr. James delivers his neo-soul punchlines, speaking on the foundation that he has found in God. He says he’s found something that he’s bound to, that no one can wipe off, and he’s going to keep shining his light until someone turns it off. The song is just flat out, cold. Like, y’all have got to pay attention to this one.
Like spoken earlier, no matter how hard things get, how broke you may become by chasing your dreams, or what little you may feel you gained, remember if you hold onto the foundations of Christ. He will always give you a joy, that the world can never overcome. With all that being said, y’all please go check out this soulful brother, James Gardin, and his new single release, “Joy”. You may just find something, that you lost, a long time ago.

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