“Amen”, the first single released by SeaQ Management serves as a remix to an Andrae Crouch classic. Growing up in a Christian household, Isaac “Izze” Shaw was a youth pastor at the age of 16. Discipling through music, Izze saw the movement and its effects in the church. “Let The Church Say Amen” was created for 2016 as a fresh and new anthem to bring back the pride and glory of the church. Under SeaQ’s management for two years, Amen is officially Izze’s first drop. Being around since Uncle Reece’s “Till I Pass Out”, Izze has remained faithful and patient while waiting for the perfect opportunity to release music to the world. During his tenure with SeaQ, Izze has had many amazing opportunities. He wrote “We Are Waiting”, a song by Uncle Reece that features Casey J and can be currently heard on the radio.

Izze isn’t new to the game, having already released music and imagery for a while now, the people have been listening and adopted the new era title to describe the movement that Izze is pushing. Ushering in a new sound and vibe, Izze is part of the new generation that is helping a dark and complex generation of people. The sound, music, & imagery that Izze creates is appealing to many that would never attend church. His heart is solely focused on things like worship. Izze states, “I wanna really really really draw this generation, this millennial, new bible hating, God hating generation back to God, back to worship through a complex and beautiful sound.”

Young and part of a liberal generation, Izze takes responsibility of what image he is showcasing. Izze is very careful about making sure he is an example. Working with youth often, he finds himself working with children from broken homes. Izze explains, “I just kind of noticed something, when they look at me, they either see one of two things. They either see what they’re used to seeing at home…irresponsible young black male or they either see somebody that is something completely different from what they’re seeing in the paradigm.” This realization has completely awakened Izze who believes that the focus needs to be on both sides of discipleship of the person that is making the music.

“But to be real, I’m really thinking I’m ’bout to do something really really really crazy and that’s just man, put out dope music sonically and just consistently feed the atmosphere. Feed the wave, man.”, says Izze in response to releasing an EP or album. Believed to be a new wave, Izze and SEAQ are on to something new that will appeal to this generation. At the moment, the ultimate direction is to drop an EP. If anything, look forward to this summer, next spring, & fall. With 40 unheard records, Izze and the team are on the verge of blowing up and wrecking the game. “Amen”, although repetitive and simple, is being used to curtail the craziest sound. A lot is coming into fruition, but Izze and his team are currently keeping and speaking in the sphere of mystery.

Originally from Dallas, Texas where Izze was born and raised, he came to Atlanta in 2011 for college. He ended up meeting his wife during the first week of college. She went to Spelman while he attended Morehouse. Currently located in Atlanta, Izze and his wife have been there for about five years. What once became a college town ended up being home for Izze and his wife who are both from Texas.

Music and ministry is something that Izze does full time. What he does right now appears to be what he’ll be doing for the rest of his life. He merges his music with ministry, working with a group called The Navigators. Izze expands, “It’s an urban missions, a college missions, a work missions, a military missions group that has the heart to disciple cities and help cities and lead cities not only to the cross, but what it’s like to walk with Christ.” When Izze isn’t working on music, he is spending majority of his time with The Navigators by working and building relationships with the youth in Atlanta. Besides discipling and teaching the youth, Izze is also out on the road touring.

A while back, Izze and his wife, who got married in 2013 had the vision to have some type of bible study for the engagement of young adults in the city of Atlanta. An idea that was put off for a few years, but resurfaced later on. The idea evolved throughout the years, returning as a totally new vision. Taking the social life of Atlanta and merging it with discipleship, the Hive is essentially an evo reach out party. A gathering that involves walking with people in the community and the family in Christ. “The culture, man, ya know when you see it, it can mean a lot of things, but when you come in to it, it’s an experience like none other. We merged the idea of a house party.”, says Izze. A fellowship for the community and church where The Lord is taught along with a party atmosphere. The vision managed to create a new type of bible study where gathering is essential to the culture. Bringing Christians and non-believers together to hear the gospel to walk and adhere to the word of God.

Being intentional and surrounded by all that is most important proves to be key to Izze maintaining and keeping his relationships in order. Intentional about spending time with his wife allows everything else to fall in to place. Citing his marriage as his first ministry, time spent together with his first is very important. He’s also intentional about the time that he spends fellowshipping with his church and community. Trying to find a way to merge everything together, Izze aims to bring God into every area. He desires to bring his wife, his marriage, and his relationship to every area together into a linear life.

Separating the areas, but not completely, Izze even brings his wife into the fold with his work with The Navigators and the youth. At times, Izze even pulls the youth into his personal life which enables him to show them how he lives allowing the youth to walk with him in that. Implementing the music to create a platform to reach the youth, Izze tries to merge it all in order to be able to balance. At the end of the day, Izze’s passion comes down to three things, music, ministry, and his marriage and not necessarily in that order.


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