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An only child, Hilary spent most of her time by herself which allowed her to be creative and dream a lot. She utilized that time to think and write music as a child. Even at a young age, Hilary knew that she wanted to entertain. With a passion for singing and dancing, she has always had a gift to share with others. Hilary has been recording music since the age of 13 when her and her mother boarded a plane to Sacramento, CA to record, as they say the rest is history. 

Once a part of the Frontline Movement alongside Reconcile and Corey Paul, Hilary Pradia has paid her just dues. She opened up the original Hip Hop Hope Tuesdays with Corey Paul every week with an intro song back in January of 2010. Due to Corey’s genuine spirit and what he stood for in his personal life & music, Hilary and Corey bonded and began to do music together before Frontline was created. Being a part of Frontline was a great experience for Hilary that introduced her to their audience as well as igniting a fire inside of her. Hilary and Frontline both ended on great terms and she still supports them. Her time with Frontline has taught her to give it her all even when it’s unpopular and to never be afraid when being honest about her story.

Her Rapzilla exclusive EP, “Pretty Night” serves as an introduction into her life from the outside looking in. The EP is relevant to those who have gone thru trials and tribulations. With topics that range from dealing with a lack of trust in God (“Grow Up” feat. Alex Faith) to understanding that God will never lead you astray (“Boomerang”) the EP is not shy about the gospel especially on the track “Comeback.” A stand out track that features Corey Paul and Dre Murray discussing Jesus’ return and how we should all be prepping for His return. The EP serves as a gift to the people without any pressure of any album which is why it’s provided for free. As a Christian, Hilary’s heart still consists of evil things. She is not perfect, but her pursuit towards Christ is a daily task in which He is cleaning her up every day. The EP’s cover represents the struggle of evil in the flesh with Hilary representing the transformation of new life in Christ. Every believer has a “Pretty Night” story.

Based in Houston, Hilary’s entrepreneurship is shown thru the Pretty Girl Boutique that is growing. Her goal is to expose people to Christ through the products that they sell. She remains busy in a city that is constantly inspiring her as an artist. She listens to a lot of worship music as well as local artists such as Brik.Liam and Taylor B. Arnwine who she considers her homies. Hilary absolutely loves R&B, but considers secular hip-hop to be at an all time low. Much of her inspiration is also derived from the diversity in Christian hip-hop. Even those who love her music inspire Hilary as she is known to listen to her EP with their comments on mind to see how they hear her music.

Every week via Facebook Live, Hilary explains the message behind her music. The mini series is titled the #PrettyNightChronicles. Hilary Pradia has a very bright future ahead of herself. She is not only an amazing artist worth looking out for, but a phenomenal woman of God who has a heart for God’s people. With a solid EP under her discography & a boutique that is taking off, the sky is beyond the limit for Hilary. Ultimately, she wants people to take away the fact that Jesus died for everything that we continue to choose over Him in our everyday lives. Once we make Him, Lord, instead of trying to be in control, we will see things become more clear to us such as our purposes,  career choices, opportunities, relationships, everything.


Download the ‘Pretty Night’ Ep at Hilarypradia.com

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