Rocdwell X TNV “Luxury”

Some think that when you enter into the Christian lifestyle, that go from rags to riches. But as we all know, that’s not necessarily true. And if you do end up like that, for those who assume, forget that there was a strenuous process. Well, these young men I’m about to bring, know all about that process. Their names are, Rocdwell Johns and TNV. They have done a collab together to bring us their new album called, “Luxury”. I can’t wait to hear what, they’ve come up with. So let’s dive in.
“Just Getting Better”, is a real Hip Hop salute. Not only is this song filled with knowledge. But it also is similar to a father spitting the real of the game, to his son. Telling his son, where he bumped his head at in this world and in the streets. So that the son, might not have to run into the same situation. And because of the father’s rough process, his son comes out shining light a diamond in the end. There’s a lot to be taken from this song, I pray that it reaches the ears of this new generation.
“Do It Again”, is a beautiful sonnet for the ladies out there. This song is a passionate serenade from a man, to the love of his life. Telling her his confessions from his heart, while professing all the things she will be rewarded with. For enduring and holding it down for him. A definite love song for the couples in love out there.
“1-800 Stay Fresh (Remix)”, featuring Fenix, is nothing but a teaching session. In this class both men peep game on the importance of look, and what it does for you. Like, help clarify your knowledge and authority. Or help impress, the young lady that you’re interested in. No matter what the event may be, sometimes cleaning yourself up; just changes there persona of your character.
Sometimes it doesn’t matter if everyone sees your process. As long as the veil of disillusionment is taken off, about what this lifestyle in Christ, has to offer. Sometimes it’s not an overnight process. Sometimes, it takes years of maturity to find out the real treasures and riches; that Christ offers. Either way, I believe that Rocdwell and TNV have paved the way for you, to learn what you need to understand. About the true luxury of Jesus. So go check out their new album, “Luxury”. It just might help you, find a path… that is paved with gold.

Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.

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Fenix & Rocdwell X TNV “Luxury” (iTunes)

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