Enlitement “ARCHIVES”

In the bible, it says that God makes His ministers a consuming fire. Causing their words, to burn the soot and grime of this world away. And that is why I’m bringing to the stage ya boy Elitement, who has dropped his new album called, “Archives”. So, let’s see what treasures, God has hidden inside; his reverend.

The album starts out with, “I Am Enlitement”. This song sounds like a preacher behind the pulpit, hitting you in the face with nothing but hard slugs of truth. Enlitement talks about, how we as CHH have got to realize that, this is not just about getting hype or, getting lit on stage. It’s about really ministering to someone’s else’s life. He speaks on what will you do if someone in your fan base or crowd; is getting molested. Are you going to rap them another song? The song is a great opener to who Enlitement is, and who he fights for.
“Sippin” featuring Scott Free and Ra’Anna, is one of the deepest songs I’ve ever heard. It talks about where the ministry of Christ is a hit and miss. There are so many places that we as the church should be, but we’re missing. And the song talks about several real cases, like that. It’s a beautiful song, with a real meaning. Please go check it out.
“God Did It” featuring Marc Griffin, Young Noah, and Dj Radikal, reminds me of old gangster songs we use to kick it to when we were young. It has an old school early 90’s feel to it. Each rapper gives an account of their lives and what brought them to another stage in life, through the will of Jesus Christ. I believe y’all will be beating this song, for a long time.
“Appreciation” featuring T-Haddy, is a family reunion or get together song. The song is about Enlite, appreciation to all those who have helped him in the climb of Life. He literally runs down a list of people who have helped create, the image of who Enlitement truly is. All the backstage people producer, of his life’s show. Much love to you on this one, Enlite.
“Where You From” featuring J-ReeL and JRe$p, is a shout to their hometowns, Eastside of Atlanta. This song ends the album with each rapper giving their point of view of their lifestyles, from their old lives and how their city really lives. I have to give much respect to this song. Because a lot of people don’t know, where you from is not just a city or accent you speak. It’s a real lifestyle, that’s in you; that helps form the person you are.
I have to say Enlitement, you have done an exceptional job on this album. I guess when God sends His Word to burn away the sins that are inside us. He sends one heck of a wakeup call. From one of His heavy hitters. Much love and respect for you Enlitement. Can’t wait till the next service. Amen, Pastor.

Enlitement “ARCHIVES” Click Here to Download


1 I Am Enlitement

2 Archives

3 I Must Die

4 Archives Cypher (feat. Sic Flo, Precise & Loso)

5 Sippin (feat. Scott Free & Ra’Anna)

6 Scroll

7 God Did It (feat. Marc Griffin, Young Noah & Dj Radikal)

8 Like Dis (feat. 1kphew)

9 Part of Life (feat. Zaynah & B-Haynes)

10 Look at Me (feat. P-Son)

11 Appreciation (feat. T-Haddy)

12 I Must Die Remix (feat. Scott Free, Kadence, Apoc, Dillon Chase, Plain James, Double & Mark Wit A K)

13 Where You From (feat. J-ReeL & JRe$p)


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