Domingo Guyton and LCM Ministries present… “South Africa”

On April 26, 2019 marks the 25-year anniversary of South Africa breaking down the physical barrier of racial separation, also known as Apartheid.  In honor of the work done by so many, we bring forth music that reflects the past and current struggles, but celebrates the wonderful victories.

For the past 18 years, Life Connection Ministries (LCM) in Roswell, GA has been sending a group of up to 40 volunteers to South Africa for two weeks to provide services to a desperate community of people.  With no running water or toilets in their homes, no consistent job force for employment, under-resourced schools to properly educate them, and not enough food to keep them well nourished, the economic plight keeps them stuck in a cycle of poverty.  
In 2017, I was invited by LCM to go minister in song to the Kwazulu-Natal sectionof the Eastern Cape of South Africa.  While preparing the set to perform, two records came to my heart; South Africa and Lift Him Up.  Once in South Africa, I quickly began to see the complexity of living in post-Apartheid South Africa and was inspired to write the song 94.  The Man was a live song that got a good response, so we remixed it and put that on the project also.  During the day, we would be ministering to folks in the neighborhood and would come in contact with many females who were engaged and excited to hear the Gospel.  But at night, many wouldn’t show up.  I learned of the amount of young girls that are raped, molested and killed on a daily basis, which seemed alarming, as there were no police, streetlights or any sort of help that could be available for anyone in need.  This is where the inspiration for the song Endangered Sisters came.

One of the most profound revelations I had while walking the land and talking to people about Jesus, was the fact that when He was born and Herod was looking for Him to kill Him, His family hid Him in Egypt.  I was bothered that we were in the same continent that Jesus walked, and some of these local South Africans had never heard of Him.  I was pushed to write the song Jesus is Real.  Now the truth of the Gospel is that Jesus’ color is unknown and isn’t as important as the fact that He came for the Jews and the Gentiles.   I read Roger Pierce’s book Better Together and felt the need to close the project on a good note.  I felt Pierce’s book gave me the perfect content to wrap up on a positive note. Better Together was the last song written and serves as an answer to problem.  To listen to the South Africa project, click for your site of choice.   To purchase physical CD’s, which 100% of the proceeds go to LCM Ministries, click our online store..
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Domingo Guyton
President, He’s The Same Movie, Inc.
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