Derek Minor “It Is What It Is”

It is said when you send the general out to battle. You better be prepared for war. And RMG has done just that, by sending one of their elite to fight, on this holy battleground. The general (what I like to call him), Derek Minor has laced up our ears with another phenomenal track. It’s called, “It Is What It Is”, and it’s strictly on point.

The song opens up, addressing all those who are in judgment of the lower class communities. The general states that, they preach their answers for our daily problem, like pastors; but they’ve never spent a day in our hoods, or in our communities. But they have all the answers to our dilemmas. Then he goes in on us who should be accountable to each other. Keeping ourselves in turmoil, with drama and fights; that lead to killings. While mothers are left looking in the streets, for answers. And finding nothing but loss, because we have dropped the ball, in the pushing forward of our own people and community lives. While there are others that benefit from our wrong decisions. Like jails, abortion clinics, and other places that don’t offer a real answer, for the obvious problems.
I honestly haven’t heard someone speak this real about our issues, ever. This song is a must listen to, and a definite knowledge bomb. Shoutouts to Derek and RMG for this one. Like I said when the general hits that stage, the battle is already… won.

Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.
Derek Minor ” It Is What It Is”

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