Datin “Hell in the Hallway” OUT NOW!!!

Something I’ve noticed as I grow older is, that it seems like artists are losing their honesty in transparency. Like we see the turn-up, and the blessing you’ve gotten. But where is the struggle that you tussle with now, in this season of your life? Where has that conflict brought you, when you found the resolution? Well, this up and coming living legend has found a way…. to pull us into his life and help us find Christ, even in the midst of his struggles. His name is none other than, Datin, from the God Over Money Crew. And I believe… he’s about to take off his mask, and let us see. The scars behind, his faith.

This has to be the most transparent album, I’ve ever heard from Datin. You can literally hear, the layer of veils of heaviness and heartbreak coming up off this brother. Like it’s sooo, therapeutic to the soul. Songs like “ Hell in the Hallway”, and “Job Season” set up the tone of the whole album; so well. Then “Rise” and “Through the Storm” just brings you about, in full circle. To the place where God Reminds you. That it is He, who started the journey with you, and it will be He; who will guide your path. So stand up and walk.
A lot of us may not like what we see in the mirror, especially when it comes to the decisions made in our lives. But that’s the beauty also of looking back at your own, self-reflection. You always get the chance to see, what you may be making yourself into. Or, what you have become because of your journey of truth. Which links you to so many others, in the world that surrounds you.

Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.

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Datin “Hell in the Hallway”

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