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“I want [this generation] to know that He is not like man. Man can fail, disappoint, hurt, lie, abandon you, but Jesus can’t and He won’t.” 

Those words come from a man who has weathered both great and hard times; a man who has tasted and seen that God is indeed good.

No newcomer to the industry, Da Truth has made an indelible mark as a rapper. Now as he launches out full force as the label owner of Mixed Bag Entertainment, he admits that, “Being a label owner is far more responsibility. As a solo artist, I am only responsible for myself. However, as a label owner, I have to think about all of my artists at all times. Everything is much bigger than me now. Also, it’s a lot more work. I’m in meetings sometimes 10 hours a day, which is very time consuming but worth it in the long run.” 

And with a ministry career that has been long running, Da Truth is no stranger to the commitment his new role requires. He also understands how important it is to keep the scales balanced, as he spoke about on ‘Table Talk.’ So, that’s exactly what he plans to do with Mixed Bag. But how? “I expect artists to be themselves; I’m not into making clones. Each artist has their own sound, vision, platform… so, if there are artists on Mixed Bag that feel more comfortable identifying themselves as artists rather than “Christian” artists, then ultimately we have to allow them the freedom to do so. However, there still needs to be a conversation amongst the Mixed Bag team about motives… because we have a responsibility to hold each other accountable.”

That accountability is also a key factor as Da Truth navigates how to balance family life, ministry, being the owner of a record label, and traveling, while maintaining a healthy relationship with the Lord. “I could give you the cookie cutter, Christian ease answer, but truthfully I don’t know yet [how I’m going to do it]. I’m still trying to figure it out, but I’m getting there. This is all brand new territory for me so I’m figuring it out as I go.” Another thing Da Truth is ‘figuring out as he goes’ is what barriers Mixed Bag will have to break down between the church and the world. “I’m not really sure yet. Artists like Promise and TJ Pompeo naturally make music that has crossover appeal. We will be servicing mainstream radio and video formats. So we’ll see what happens.”

And with all Da Truth has going on with Mixed Bag, I’m sure we’ll see a lot happening very soon! “…We are a full-fledged entertainment company, so beyond the music we’re working in film and television. We currently have a few movies on the docket and hope to release something on the film side this year. We’ll be doing a MB tour, Virtue will be releasing their record in the fall and of course my record [‘Heartbeat’] is out now. So this will be a big year.” Da Truth also shared that this will be the year we hear more from TJ Pompeo.

Yet, with so much on the horizon that’s got old and new fans high from anticipation and excitement, Da Truth is very aware that there are still some misconceptions about CHH artists that he has to contend with. “…The mainstream still struggles with how we can mix both Christianity and Rap. So, I think we’re in the process of helping them by painting a picture of a God as the creator of all things, including the arts. We want them to understand that we are doing Hip Hop the way God intended for it to be done from the beginning.”

As Da Truth continues to forge ahead, he admittedly has a few things to figure out; but one thing he’s crystal clear on is his mandate. “Right now, aside from The Great Commission and serving, [my mandate] is to push for diversity. The Mixed Bag brand is not just a music thing for me, it’s about the kingdom. The kingdom of God suffers when we are unbalanced. Right now, we have all white radio and all black radio, all white award shows, all black… (primarily). That’s not an issue with the arts, that’s an issue with the body. So my mandate is to continue to push for diversity.”

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