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Native Rochester artist and charismatic community activist D-Will has worked hard for over five years in helping impact his hometown of Rochester for the better. In 2011 D-Will started a movement called M.O.G. (Man of God). He then started several organizations such as Hood Prayer, which happens every Thursday night on a dangerous block in his old hood, to Re-Furbished a men’s group that meet once a month designed to build up men of God, and finally an annual prayer walk in downtown Rochester designed to unite the city and pray over its people. I had the opportunity to sit down with on The Block. 

Donte: What was it like growing up in Rochester?

D-Will: Rochester is a place where a lot of birthing of great ideas started (Kodak, Xerox, Bausch and Lomb), the home of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglas and unfortunately the murder capital of New York. Saying that, I’ve had great moments growing up mixed with some terrible situations. That’s Rochester for ya…

Donte: How important is it to give back to the community?

D-Will: To me, it’s very important. I feel obligated. Especially since I used to terrorize my community. It’s only right that I give back in every way that I can.

Donte: Who first introduced you to The Lord?

D-Will: A lady by the name of Beth Dobbs.

Donte When did you realize that you wanted to become both an artist and community activist?

D-Will: They both kinda fell in my lap. I was supposed to do a poem for Easter in ’08 and it turned into a rap accapella which got me introduced to Kre8tor. While completing a mixtape for a collaborative D.E.M. venture, I felt compelled to live missionally what I’ve been rapping about.

Donte: Why did you start M.O.G. (Man. Of. God.)?

D-Will: The mission God gave me is to unify the Body for Christ. What better way than by starting at the head? The men of the church are too laid back and need to take authority where its been given. We need to become the head of our homes, the church, and our communities again. Our main weakness is our division though. There’s so much separation in the church due to names and titles that it’s sickening. Narrowing it down to our plain identities takes care of all of that. You can’t deny being a man of God first and if we’re all claiming M.O.G. we show not only the enemy, but also the world that we are a force to be recognized. So starting the Man Of God movement is a godsend!

Donte: Where do you currently fellowship? Do you serve in your church?

D-Will: I fellowship at The Father’s House of Rochester. I serve wholeheartedly there. I did facilities at the church for 3 years and just became the director for our outreach center.

Donte: Manhood can be defined by many definitions. How would you define manhood? What does it take to be a true man of God?

D-Will: Manhood is reached once a man takes full responsibility for not only himself, but also his surroundings. To be a true Man Of God, a man has to fully surrender his time, talents, treasures and plans to the ultimate will of God. He has to rise up and be a leader in his home, church, and community at no particular level. A true Man of God walks in his calling, but isn’t defined by it. A true Man of God always keeps it a thousand and doesn’t compromise for the sake of fitting in.

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