Chè Sarai “What If He’s Real?”

Have you ever just looked up at the stars at night, and wondered… what is my existence about? How do I belong in this vast place? What is my part? Well, today the Father of Life has blessed me to bring you, someone. Who could possibly answer those question, or at least let you know… you’re not alone. Her name is Chè Sarai, and she just dropped her latest release called, “What If He’s Real?” So let’s dive in and listen to what news she has brung us. Especially for those so many, unanswered questions.

In this song, Chè leaves much knowledge to many of our unanswered questions. And even drops some nuggets, to our hinted planned destiny. Like in one of her verses, she says, “What if I am able to create because that was left in my DNA from my own Creator.” And another verse goes, “The Big Bang couldn’t create because it was a thing without intentions. And the planets couldn’t align themselves, because if they were to move a couple of inches. They would eventually collide.” Like after hearing that, and her testimony; you can’t help but think. There has to be someone greater out there, causing all of these things and events to happen. Just something to think on, the next time you’re out there evangelizing. I definitely have taken off my hat to Chè. Like, go get’em, sis!!!
Once again, if you have ever contemplated your life or the reason for your existence. Chè Sarai has brought you some real solid truths, to think on. So please, take your time and listen to her new single, “What If He’s Real?” This song may just take you, where man can not.

Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.

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Chè Sarai “What If He’s Real?

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