Shoot Your Shot Challenge by Marqus Anthony

The contest launches Monday, April 15 and will run thru Friday, April 26. The winners will be announced Saturday, April 27.
The challenge is two-fold. Rappers, take the instrumental and spit your best 8 bars. Two winners will be selected to be featured on the official Shoot Your Shot Remix. Producers, take the acapella and create a brand new beat around it. Be creative! One winning producer will be selected. The tempo for the song is 142.

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Meet 1K P-Son, Amplify’s Newest Signee to RMG Amplify

“The South has a quiet brag in Hip Hop and an untouchable roster of some of the greatest minds and talents in music history. Raring to join that number with an undeniable gift is God’s prodigal and Decatur’s own, the artist 1K P-Son. With a bevy of dues paid and a riveting story of overcoming, betrayal and deferred dreams, 1K P-Son is one of the realest voices in music today. 

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