Dusty Marshall ‘The Irony of Me’ feat. Beleaf & Ruslan

Dusty shares, “The Irony of Me is a personal parody of what my music career might look like if I implemented all the advice I’d been given over the years by those around me.  In it, I am making fun of myself in a third person perspective, while giving an inside look at what living out my fallacy life might look like if I made it in the “rap game”.  It features Beleaf and Ruslan from the Dream Junkies rapping on the track, as well as the amazing production of Anthony Cruz and Ray Alexis.”

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J’Son ‘Love Me’ Single

There is no greater feeling than knowing you are loved. In fact we all want to be loved by someone. What’s more amazing is realizing that love is not something you merely receive, but something you should give as well.

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