D-Will on The Block

Native Rochester artist and charismatic community activist D-Will has worked hard for over five years in helping impact his hometown of Rochester for the better. In 2011 D-Will started a movement called M.O.G. (Man of God). He then started several organizations such as Hood Prayer, which happens every Thursday night on a dangerous block in his old hood, to Re-Furbished a men’s group that meet once a month designed to build up men of God, and finally an annual prayer walk in downtown Rochester designed to unite the city and pray over its people. I had the opportunity to sit down with on The Block. 

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Street Hymns on the Block

Q: Congrats on the Die Daily Team signing. What is your official affiliation with Die Daily? Would you mind sharing with us how you die on a daily basis?

A: Before I joined Die Daily I had very close relationships with a few of its members. I’ve known Dillon Chase for over 7 years, A. Ward for over 5 years, and Dwayne Pano for over 12. Then through music I began to organically develop companionship with other members. Once they asked to be a part of Die Daily I was super excited because I was already in love with the branding. So after being cleared up on what Die Daily truly was (more of a movement with a cause and less a label) the decision to affiliate was easy. 

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Eshon Burgundy on The Block

I’ve recently had the opportunity to interview Eshon Burgundy, who was once signed to Humble Beast, but has decided to pursue the independent route once again. Besides music, we discussed many topics such as race, politics, & former addictions. The interview is very thought provoking and allows fans to understand Eshon’s heart behind such  important matters. 

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