C.H.R.I.S. on The Block

I had the opportunity to chop it up with New York Indie Artist Chris Thompson aka as C.H.R.I.S., We talk about his musical influences and why he chose to do music that glorify God.


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Gerry Skrillz on The Block

Q: What has transpired in your life that ultimately led you to Christ?

Gerry Skrillz: In 2001 I found myself hating the person I had become & the destruction I had caused in the lives of so many as well as my own. After years of submerging myself within a culture that indulged in addiction, crime, fast money, and women, I was convinced that there was no fulfillment in any of these desires. I remember sitting in my studio crying & praying to God that He remove

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Joey Jewish on The Block

No longer hiding behind a disguise, Joey Jewish is finally free to be who he was created to be. A gifted songwriter with an atmospheric sound, Joey has found great success over the years. His latest album, “Beautiful Solitude” is a testament to that freedom & artistic creativity. In this interview, we get to dig a bit deeper in to the beauty of Joey’s solitude.

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Hilary Pradia on The Block

An only child, Hilary spent most of her time by herself which allowed her to be creative and dream a lot. She utilized that time to think and write music as a child. Even at a young age, Hilary knew that she wanted to entertain. With a passion for singing and dancing, she has always had a gift to share with others. Hilary has been recording music since the age of 13 when her and her mother boarded a plane to Sacramento, CA to record, as they say the rest is history. 

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D-Will on The Block

Native Rochester artist and charismatic community activist D-Will has worked hard for over five years in helping impact his hometown of Rochester for the better. In 2011 D-Will started a movement called M.O.G. (Man of God). He then started several organizations such as Hood Prayer, which happens every Thursday night on a dangerous block in his old hood, to Re-Furbished a men’s group that meet once a month designed to build up men of God, and finally an annual prayer walk in downtown Rochester designed to unite the city and pray over its people. I had the opportunity to sit down with on The Block. 

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