Where Is Your Faith? By Nerva

Was it lost in the convenience of the resources you have obtained which now substitutes for your reliance on God? Was it lost in the comfort of knowing, so you work hard to keep your doubt, unbelief, and excuses in order to escape the unknown; walking with full trust in God? It can be difficult to let go of familiarity, especially when you feel you aren’t ready to take this step of faith, however in most scenarios it is nearly impossible to fulfill a new position without leaving another position behind.

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This world has become so filled with evil. I pray for all to repent and to know Jesus as their Lord and savior. These times are not times for us to get comfortable or to be distracted and ignore the Word of God, while evil and social chaos intensifies.

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“5 Reasons Why You Should” by Nerva

When I was a child I couldn’t understand why my parents never allowed me to watch too much television. From my point of view, I thought only cruel parents would take away the freedom of television from their children. Then I became a parent and it began to make sense. Today, parents have more control over what their four year-old watch on television in spite of commercials or ads depicting risky behaviors, such as smoking, drinking, violence, jealousy, sexual immorality and so much more. My point is, the point of view I had as the younger version of myself, I no longer have now that I am much older (1 Corinthians 13:11).

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