Swoope Edition

“Originality and Musicality.” Two things that Swoope is bringing to the table. Considering his background in Gospel music that is rich in soul and passion, his music matches his intentions. Many say our current generation play roles with no authenticity and Swoope plans on addressing this. “I want to be myself, which I hope will in turn let other cats know that it’s okay for them to do too,” he says. “I want to bring that and infuse it with the hip hop I do as well.” There is a hunger in Swoope that I am sure we all hear, but nothing is as big as his craving for Jesus and the desire for the world to feel the same.  

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Bizzle Edition

At just eight years old, Bizzle wrote his first rap verse and since then, has perfected his brand, versified his sound, and created one of the most successful CHH labels. But there was a time when the Los Angeles native’s trust was not in God. Instead, he hustled amongst big-name artists; made solid, secular music; produced dope mixtapes and created buzzes around social media. Bizzle made a living by any means necessary.

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Social Club Edition

“I love the Body of Christ; we all can reach someone another person can’t,” said a self-proclaimed reject, and half of Christian indie duo, Social Club. His name is Marty and his mission is to be who God called him to be. On the cusp of a new album, US, he and group mate, Fern, are reclaiming culture through God-centered music and humility like no other.

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Lecrae Edition

An “anomaly” is something that strays from what is normal or expected, according to any dictionary. Undoubtedly, in a world of rappers spitting the same sixteen bars about sex, money and drugs, Lecrae Moore is an anomaly.

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