Donny DoomsDay “Artist of the Month”

Born and raised between the two cities of Seattle, Washington, and Houston, Texas. Donny has cultivated a sound that is unique with a perspective that is wholly Christian with an urban twist. The music that comes from this producer/artist combo is a mix of dark and melancholy production with triumphant, encouraging and well-placed punchlines. Drawing his name from his production preferences and also his love for the late 90s rapper MF Doom. Donny is an up and comer within CHH that you should become familiar with. Keep watch for more content from him in the near future.

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Byron Juane fka. K¥NG

Byron Juane FKA. K¥NG is a 20 year old musical artist fluent with various instruments. He resides in North-Carolina with his single mother. Forced to grow alone lacking the shadow of a father figure. Bryon Juane searched for fulfilling thrills of lust addiction and deception which led to his downfall.Today through his music Byron Juane crosses over to various genres of music in relation to youth to prove “God is in all things and you don’t have to lose all just to serve him”. Living everyday to the fullest his motto is “L.R.D.R” ( Live Right Die Ready).

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Wrekless Abandon (Jacksonville, Fla)

Wrekless Abandon Bio

Wrekless Abandon rap like they’re on a mission direct from God in effort to bring His word to the people through amped-up beats & untamed energy that highlight the passion and all-out enthusiasm with which they celebrate Jesus.  Through intense rhymes that shine a vibrant spotlight on the messages of our lord & savior, Wrekless Abandon preach the good word and invite everyone in to come in & listen.

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King David

Daven Zeigler better known by his Rap name (King David) was born in Miami Florida, raised in one of the most notorious housings project known as the Pork & Bean Projects. Raised without a father figure to lead him in the right direction he gravitated to the streets and adapted to the drug dealing lifestyle. Kicked out of every school he’s ever attended he gradually put down the books and picked up a mentality that would lead him down a road to destruction. But he had a passion that kept him off of the streets at times (Writing Music). Tired of a life of violence & street wars he had a Spiritual encounter with God that would change his life forever. at the age of 18 he gave his life to Christ and started to pursue music as a way to preach the Gospel and bring positive change in a broken society that can relate to his story.

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