Canon “Nino Brown” (Single)

RMG’s 2nd lieutenant, Canon, is back at it again. Sending us orders of the gospel, sent by the general, Derek Minor. But this time, he’s not only giving us directions…

but teaching us the beauty of Brotherly Love. Kevin Hart would definitely appreciate that one. Shoutouts to Philly. Canon has arrived on the battlefront, teaching in the barracks, the truth of God’s Holy Will. In his new song called, “Nino Brown”. Now before all you old head judge. This Nino Brown is bringing purpose and realness back to the ministry of the church. Let’s see what, big brother Canon is preaching today.

First off the bass is banging in this one; so get your trucks ready. Canon is definitely showing he is at the defense of the gospel and record label RMG. Like he says in the 1st verse, you can come with the fake news; but he’s not the one you should hospitalize. Meaning, the real ailment is in the hearts of those who are ready to crucify, with no real evidence. And I absolutely had to jump out the seat, when he said; he was dealing out dreams and hope like Nino. Like cut the switch off, I’m dead already. But all in all, Canon just shows us how to be a real brother; to those who are also called and appointed like ourselves. No matter what, they may look like. They still belong to God, through Christ.
I know I for one, am glad to receive the orders handed down by the Most High, through our dearly beloved lieutenant. All I can say is… Go get ‘em, Canon. So please y’all. Let’s support the real war by go coping Canon’s new single, “Nino Brown.” So he can continue the march onward.
Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.

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Canon “Nino Brown” (Single)

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