Cameron Walton “Well Done” (Single)

Once again the drill sergeant is back at it, instructing us on how our mindsets should be while we are waging war against the enemy. Cameron Walton has dropped a new single called, “Well Done”. And I for one am excited to hear what Serge has to say.
As a soldier marches onward, they have to have their minds set on their end goal. In this song, Cameron, speaks about his journey as he presses towards his ending. Which is, God, telling him, “ Well done.” He says there are those who fight against his idealism and tells him to forsake his true, commander and chief. But he just pushes them to the side and marches on. Cameron says either they and the demons pursuing him, better speed up to catch him or he’s running full throttle towards the mark of his high calling.
Once again the drill sergeant has laid out the instructions for us. Press on and march on, until you hear our Father saying, “ Well done”. So y’all go and check out Cameron Walton’s new single, “ Well Done”. I know it will bless you in your time of warfare.

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