Calvin Cofield “Directed P.A.T.H”

People don’t really know what it means to us, to stay on the straight and narrow. They honestly don’t have any idea how hard it is… Especially when you can see your goal in sight, but have so many things pulling at you, your character, family members, ambitions; trying its hardest, to keep you from your final destination. If you don’t know what I’m talking about. Read up on Paul, the Apostle, in the book of Acts. But let me tell you something, God also sends leaders, to help aid us along such journeys. Like the next artist, I’m about to bring up. His name is, Calvin Cofield, coming once again straight out of, Detroit, Michigan. And that boy is bringing some heat on his new EP, called “Directed P.A.T.H.”. So let’s walk this path with this brother, and see where he’s taking us.

“Directed P.A.T.H.” featuring Jessica Clements, is the 1st song on the EP. And from the sounds of it, ya boy is going the distance on this one. The music sound sooo great sonically, the verses are straight fire. In this song, Calvin talks about how he needs Jesus to keep his perspective. And with His Power and Glory, our boy Clavin, says he can fight onward preaching the good faith of Christ Jesus. I automatically have fallen in love with this song. Y’all have got to go check it out.

“Stay” featuring Todd “Throne Muzik” Johnson is my next fav on this EP. This song is definitely for the worshippers out there. Both men talk about how running from God, is not the option that we should go with. Because all God wants from us is to just, stay with Him just for a little while longer. If only to feel His Love from the Eternities.
Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end. And the ending of this EP is “Set Free” featuring Jessica Clements. 1st off this joint should be played strictly at the gym. Because you’re definitely are going to get a work out from getting so hype off it. Calving spits fire bars, about not letting anything take you away from getting all that God Has created you to be, have, or receive from Him in eternity. A great reminder of the scripture, “ All things work for the good of those, who love God.” Great job relaying the message there sir and ma’am.
Once again, yes we all wished, that people would realize the pressure of our walk. But even though they won’t. We all can bask in the Glory, of what it took to get there. Man, this EP definitely gave me something to reminisce on. So let’s go and support Calvin Cofield’s ministry, and download his new EP called, “Directed P.A.T.H.”. It’ll keep you guided, as you are walking your walk. With the man upstairs.

Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.

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Calvin Cofield “Directed P.A.T.H”


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