Byron Juane “Honey”

Every king has a queen, that he has absolute admiration in. Like ya boy, would hire a slew of musician, just to write her a song. Because that’s the way he feels, in his heart about, that special someone. Well ya boy, Byron Juane “Mr. Old King Cold” himself, has written a beautifully crafted song called; “Honey”. You can only find this song on SoundCloud, so go follow him if you want to hear it. Without prolonging this any longer, let’s see what Byron has bumping.
“Honey” is an updated, “All My Life” by K-Ci and Jo Jo. But for real though, this song is definitely is a banger for the little lady in your life. Like a definite game changer, if she’s mad, or she’s running from you; when you trying to change her life forever. I absolutely love this song. Keep it coming Old King Cold, we need you to watch over the subjects of Christ.
Like said earlier, a king would do everything in his power, to show the love of his life. That the feelings in his heart are true, pure and genuine. Much love and reverence to you on this one, Byron. So y’all go check out “Mr. Old King Cold”, Bryon Juane’s new single release called, “Honey”. It’s a must, in the war of Love.

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Bryon Juane’s SoundCloud:

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