Bl1nd3d “Monster” (feat. Xay Hill & Poetics)

There are moments where you have to show the world, that you’re a beast when it comes to defending against the beast who consumes the world. For that very reason, I would like to present to you today. A team who is doing just that. Bl1nd3d has come out with his new single called, “Monster”, featuring Xay Hill and Poetics on the beat. And these boys are pulling no punches, in this Royale rumble. So let’s peep what kind of blows they’re throwing to the kingdom of darkness.

If I had to sum up this song with just one sentence, I would use the old saying. “You never know how dangerous an animal is until you back it into the corner.” Not only is Poetics beat tight, but listening to Bl1nd3d lay his verses. Is like watching a jaguar stalk his prey with elegance. Bl1nd3d spits his verses speaking on his humility unto Christ while beasting on anyone who thinks they can even step to, a blessed man of God. Then Xay comes in giving straight shots, with no chasers. Xay basically states that money is not the object when it comes to chasing the title of, “The Greatest”. Which only comes by following Christ Jesus. Who is the # 1 holder of the title with the belt. Absolutely loved this song and collab. Y’all boys have got to do this again. In the words of my wife, “Yes, Come Through, Please.”
No matter what way the world puts it. They think we’re scared because we go to church. But what they don’t realize is, everyone in the church or the body of Christ, made it there. By coming out of the jungle. So y’all please go check out my boy Bl1nd3d’s new single release called, “Monster”. Not only will it bless you, but it will add substance to the beast within you.

Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.

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Bl1nd3d “Monster” (feat. Xay Hill & Poetics)

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