Beacon Light “Salsa De Fuego (feat. Steven Malcom)”

Beacon Light and Steven Malcolm collab on a new single “Salsa De Fuego”. The single features production by B-Coe Productions.

Now back in my day, when someone was saying they were cooking in the kitchen. That meant they were putting in work. Well, let me tell you. The boys I’m about to present, are definitely putting in work. And cooking y’all up something special, with that Holy Ghost Fire! Beacon Light and Steven Malcolm, collabs on their new song called “Salsa De Fuego”. And it is mucho caliente!

These boys are putting nothing but, ghost peppers on the beat. In this song, they not only talk about setting the standard but; they show why there is a line drawn between those who follow Christ and those who don’t. And why the world will never cross that line. You’ve gotta listen to what these boys are whipping up. Straight fire for real.
Absolutely loved this song’s beat and verses. Can’t wait for the album to drop, so I can go buy it. So y’all go support Beacon Light and Steven Malcolm single, “Salsa De Fuego”. It’s a must-have, for the tastier side, of your Christian Lifestyle.

Y’all Be Blessed, I’m Out.

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