Andy Mineo on The Block

Conversing via phone, I had ten minutes to interview Andy Mineo. I decided to ask five poignant questions to help fans and supporters alike to understand Andy better as an artist as well as a person. My first inquiry emphasized Andy’s relationship with his father. Andy has revealed on “Bitter”, a track off of his debut album “Heroes For Sale” that his relationship with his father wasn’t on the best of terms.
Regardless of what has transpired in the past, Andy revealed a vulnerable side to himself when speaking about the current status of his relationship with his father. “It’s a lifelong process.”, Andy said. He wishes that things were better especially in the past, but it’s a relationship that he’ll continue to work on.

My next topic focused on arrogance polluting CHH. There are some who consider certain artists as being cocky and that their music is driven by ego. It’s a great concern amongst some of CHH’s consumerists and fans. Seeing how hip-hop is a brash culture, Andy clarified that as a Christian there should be a call to humility. No one is above pride including Andy himself. It causes a juxtaposition because there’s a thin line between competitiveness and arrogance. Andy gave his own perspective on ego in the rap culture explaining how one should be proud of their God given gifts that should be used to the best of their abilities. However, humility is a process that should be practiced every day.

Andy recently got married so the interview at this point in time focused on his new position in life. Andy’s advice as a newlywed would provide great insight for those who are currently single and desire marriage one day, I thought. He described marriage as being both wonderful and difficult at the same time. Marriage has taught him how to fully integrate another life into his which is proving to be quite the task. The nuisances of living every day with another person is providing the greatest lesson for Andy.

Getting back on the aspect of music, my attempt at questioning was based solely around the responsibility of those who have a platform. Should believers be held responsible to speak about current events? With a resounding yes, Andy absolutely agreed that people with a platform should be held responsible. Not only should responsibility be held accountable, but more artists should be equipped to handle the deepest and darkest aspects of the culture. This would prove most relevant to the discussion of race and the church. According to Andy, the church needs to lead in this area. There’s a necessity of engagement on the church to speak forth and lead in love and truth.

When asked about the criticism and accusations about Reach Records as of late, Andy affirmed that he wasn’t concerned. He later went into details about the things that people don’t see. Beyond the music and social media, Andy has witnessed fellow label mate and friend, Lecrae, being a providing husband and father as well as serving his church and community. These are the types of things that those who are opposed to Reach’s new direction fail to see. They don’t see the heart of the artists, instead they engage in comment wars on social media spreading negativity. Andy doesn’t concern himself with any of the negative comments. He continues to remain focused on the mission at hand as he strives to be the best artist that he can be at his craft while also delivering the gospel. The interview may have been short, but it afforded me with an opportunity to chop it up with an amazing man of God and artist who along with many other promising artists are helping elevate CHH.


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