Alert312 // “Joy King Supreme”

The Streetlights Team has dedicated years to dynamic Bible Translation and passionate Bible Teaching, but another voice God has given us is through Alert312. Through passionate conviction, the Streetlights Team (Loren La Luz, Esteban Shedd and Aaron Lopez) use Alert312 as a relevant, creative Gospel Proclamation voice through hip-hop music and live performance. Today we’re excited to announce Alert312 as a brand new expression offered at Streetlights!

We also announce our brand new Alert312 record, Joy King Supreme.

Joy King Supreme explores the source of joy we find exclusively in the person of Jesus Christ and the infinite gifts he holds together for our joy. Esteban Shedd, Streetlights Director and Alert312 emcee speaks from a Biblical lens on many topics: injustice, gentrification, fear, identity, and hope in eternal life. Esteban writes, laments and celebrates with blunt meditation.

Download Alert312 // “Joy King Supreme”

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