Rep Da King Mag is a magazine that started in the Spring of 2013 in Atlanta, Ga. We have interviews with some of the biggest names in the Urban Christian genre, and we are committed to our growing and diverse audience without compromise. It is our main goal to document the entire lifestyle of the artist, both on and off the stage. Professionalism, evangelism and relevance is at the heart of what we do. We intend to cover every aspect of this unique and vibrant culture including music, fashion, politics and how they impact our communities.


About the Robinson’s

As the President of Artistic Music Management, Steadman Robinson has paved the way by managing to introduce innovative artists within the CHH industry. His ability to develop artists image and his ear for incredible talent has opened up many opportunities, not just for himself but for the artists he manages as well. With his extensive experience and history within the industry, Steadman has become the go-to guy for others looking for the same success. Whether a word of encouragement or giving advice on a new business venture, he is always willing to help others succeed in living their dreams no matter how bumpy the road ahead may seem.

Shortly after relocating from Bethlehem, PA to Atlanta, GA in 2015, Steadman and Lucy Robinson were presented with a great opportunity that would expand their legacy. After purchasing the Rep Da King Mag from Henry “Zerub” Murphy near the end of 2016, they buckled down and prepared the magazine for re-launch in January 2017. All of the efforts they are exhibiting up to this point is preparing the company for greater expansion and exposure as they strive to gain over 10,000 subscribers by the end of 2018.

As proud new owners of RepDaKingMag.com, Steadman and Lucy Robinson are excited about the future ahead of them. Aside from building a successful life for themselves and their family, their goal is to have a groundbreaking platform showcasing art in it’s various forms while remaining innovatively creative. Ultimately, providing life changing encouragement and support their readers and followers have come to love.  With their commitment to fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives they remain focused, motivated and live by the word of God each day and are thankful for your continued love and support as they continue along their journey of success.

God Bless.


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