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Recently Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) artist Craig James aka 5ive, sat down with me to conduct an interview for the KPJOF radio show.  As a fan first and a radio personality second I was definitely looking forward to hearing 5ives testimony and sharing it with the world.  After paying homage and thanking 5ive for making the time to do this, I immediately asked him to tell us about his upbringing and how he came to find Christ.

“5ive is just a dude from the country!” was his first response.  Growing up without a father 5ive found himself looking for someone or something to fill that void in his life.  As with many youth who don’t have that father figure in their life he eventually turned to the streets and seemed to find what he was looking for.  Following the older kids in the street 5ive found himself introduced to drugs at the age of 10 starting first with marijuana.  By the time he was 16 years old he had tried his first line of cocaine and instantly fell in love with the drug.  Eventually 5ive start a long stint of using Meth until he was 27 years old!

After a 7 day binge high on Meth with no sleep on November 7th 2010, God seized the moment to change 5ive’s life.  While sitting on a couch early in the morning, 5ive watched his brother and friend fight over a piece of crack cocaine in what seemed like slow motion.  Watching this take place 5ive couldn’t help but feel like he was the reason behind all of this chaos.  It was then that God spoke to him and said, “Go to Church!” Somehow through all the cloud of smoke, 7 days of no sleep and guilty feeling of what he was watching, he listened to God’s word!

5ive immediately went to church where he came to the altar fell to his knees and declared “Jesus, I’m yours!” From that point on 5ive has been on a mission to spread the Gospel, and to share his testimony to the world by way of Christian Hip-Hop!  No, stranger to the CHH industry 5ive has toured all over the country and shared the stage with other artists like, Marcos Witt, Lecrae, Matthew West, Andy Mineo, This’l, and Je’Kob just to name a few.  He has recorded some of the hottest tracks in CHH like “Winning” which features Dre Murray and Corey Paul.

Currently 5ive is pushing his latest single, “Me Against The World” off of his EP “Me Against The World.”  This single is about the struggles that we face in this world and the battles that we go through trying to live a righteous and holy life. At the end of the time 5ive simply wants to be able to stand at the pearly gates before God and hear him say, “Well done tho good and faithful servant!”  Make sure you follow 5ive on social me, @5iveola and check out his website at www.iAm5ive.com


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